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Living Together

At Quarndon Village Hall
From Thu 16th May 2019 To Sat 18th May 2019

Quarndon Amateur Dramatic Society present: Living Together from the Norman Conquests by Alan Ayckbourn
Quarndon Village Hall
Church Road
DE22 5JA
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Quarndon Village Hall from 16th to 18th May 2019.  Tickets will be available soon.

Directed by Peter Konowalik

Living Together is one of the The Norman Conquests trilogy, three plays that cover a traumatic family weekend in a Victorian country house from the vantage point of three different areas: dining room, sitting-room and garden. Living Together takes place in the sitting-room.

The central character is Norman, a dishevelled librarian, who is married to Ruth but fancies his sisters-in-law, Annie and Sarah. Annie, in turn, is being courted by Tom, a dim vet, while Sarah is frustrated with her marriage to the boring Reg. The house belongs to an unseen but tyrannical invalid woman whose unattached daughter, Annie, cares for her. On the Saturday evening when the play starts, Annie's brother Reg and his wife Sarah have just arrived to take over nursing duties so that Annie can go away for the weekend. Sarah assumes this has been arranged with Tom, the local vet.  In fact, the weekend has been arranged with Norman. Sarah soon talks Annie out of that but isn't persuasive enough to talk Tom into it. Norman, has turned up expecting to take Annie away under the pretence of going to a librarians' conference, is therefore at a loose end about the house and free to wreak havoc, which he does.

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